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Why am I passionate about Financial Wellness?

​In February of 2016 my mother passed away at the age of 80

  • My mother had been responsible for her own finances since my father passed way in 1989. She was a proud independent woman who would not ask for help so I had very little insight into her financial situation while she was alive.

  • When she passed I became the executor of her estate and as such I needed to gain an understanding of her financial situation. What I found was not pretty.  

    • She was paying for services/things that she didn't need or use: bundled internet when she did not have a computer, AAA memberships when she did not have a car.​

    • She was making uninformed investment decisions on life insurance, and 401k distributions.

    • She was footing the bill for my brother's car insurance while her benefits were decreasing and her living costs were increasing.​​

  • Looking back I realized that these financial pressures must have been having an impact on her health and mood (depression)​

  • This experience opened my eyes. As a finance professional I took for granted that people have a basic financial literacy awareness and discipline, boy was I wrong!  I started to do extensive research in this area and the more I poked at it, the more convinced I became that there is a tremendous need for financial education across a variety of constituents and that I am well positioned to fill that need.

Daniel Persechini, MBA, CPC, ELI MP.

MBA in business from Suffolk University​, BA from Stonehill College, Certified  Professional Coach (CPC) from iPEC, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) from iPEC.

I have been in the financial services industry for 35 years.  I started in banking where I spent time in customer service, worked in internal audit, and ultimately became Controller of the bank where I was responsible for the books and records of the organization.  I have spent the last 21 years at Fidelity Investments, in various senior finance roles,  where I recently took an early retirement buy out to pursue my passion.

  • ​Expertise in budgeting, forecasting, & strategic planning.

  • Experience with lending instruments (mortgages, credit cards, consumer loans) and investment instruments (CD's, checking accounts, savings accounts, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds)

  • Experience with tax planning, financial modeling, and capital planning.

  • I ran the people and environment initiatives for the Asset Management Finance Function at Fidelity, including driving the learning & development agenda.

  • Delivered training in comprehensive problem solving to over 100 associates for the finance function

  • Developed and implemented a new cost & profitability system, and drove the creation and implementation of a new accountability framework for the Asset Management senior team.

  • Co-led the pilot for financial literacy for the Rhode Island region of Fidelity Investments and delivered the content to high school juniors and seniors through several sessions. 


"Dan is professional in every sense of the word. He brings to the table over 35 years of hands-on financial experience in many different areas. On a personal note, as a husband, father and son, he can understand and is able to “speak” to those life financial challenges that we all face. I was proud to have Dan’s point of view in my economics class. Dan was able to compliment my daily instruction but add that every important “what if” situations that we all need. If you have the opportunity to meet and work with Dan Persechini, do it. You will not be disappointed."

Glenn L. High School Economics Teacher

“I had the pleasure of working with Dan in various capacities for over 15 years.  Dan supported me from a finance perspective when I was responsible for managing several business units and Dan also reported to me when I joined finance as the CFO of a business unit.  Dan has many strengths but the ones that stood out when I was both a business partner and manager of Dan were his ability to understand complex situations, isolate the true drivers and meaningful information and then succinctly communicate the relevant information.”

Bill D. Executive VP Financial Services

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