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Employee Wellness Consulting

Are your employees/students feeling financially stressed

  • Employees who are financially stressed carry that weight into the workplace, where 23% of employees say they are less productive because of financial worries (source: 2017 MetLife Benefits Trends study).

  • This financial stress can lead to several negative outcomes, including:

    • Withdrawing loans against retirement savings

    • Asking for payday advances

    • Having unexpected absences

    • Dealing with preventable medical issues

    • Losing productivity because of the need to focus on finances at work.

I have developed an intractive 3 module, customizable, program for your employees to help them feel less stressed about their finances:

  • Introduction & Budgeting

    • True/False Money Quiz

    • Impacts of Financial Stress

    • Opportunity Costs

    • Budgeting Concepts & Tools

  • Credit & Debt

    • FICO Credit Score

    • Credit Card Terms & Implications

    • Debt: How to use it to your advantage

  • Investing & Retirement​

    • Market Instraments and Returns

    • The Power of Compounding

    • It's never to late but starting early is powerful


I have also created an 8 session personal finance course that I currently teach at Stonehill College where we cover:

  • Budgeting Concepts & Tools

  • Opportunity Costs

  • Paycheck Deductions & Net Pay

  • Banking Product & Services

  • Credit Cards Terms & Credit Scores

  • Fraud & Digital Footprint

  • Student Loans

  • Total Cost of Ownership

  • Lease vs Buy Analysis

  • Investing

  • Retirement

We knew that Financial Wellness was an important topic to our associates.  We also knew that many other companies were partnering with outside organizations to help them with their Financial Wellness initiatives.  We knew we wanted a partnership, and we also knew that we wanted that partnership to be right-sized to our organization and our culture.  When I met Dan, we were both engaged in obtaining a coaching certification.  Through this interaction, I learned that one of his areas of expertise was financial literacy.  Dan had years of knowledge and experience, he presented himself in a very personable and professional manner, and he was willing to build the meeting content to meet our needs.  We talked, we collaborated, and Dan built several presentations based on our chosen topics.  He presented to hundreds of associates (on all 3 work shifts!), and the survey results reflect excellence in the presentation, as well as agreement, from associates, that they learned something new.  If you are looking for a personal, customized opportunity to educate your employees around the subject of Financial Wellness, Dan Persechini will deliver exactly what you need.  Thank you, Dan!

Dorothy Bouley, Senior Director, Benefits & Wellness, Acushnet Company

Our curriculum doesn't cover financial literacy directly, so bringing Dan Persechini to campus to offer workshops on budgeting, credit, debt, investing and retirement was a great way to supplement our curriculum and deepen our students' understanding on this important topic.  

Ben Chalot, Senior Associate Director of Career Services, Wheaton College

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